Parasailing Policies

Parasailing flights depend entirely on the weather. It’s the skipper’s decision on determining if weather conditions will permit the parasailing.

Age Requirements
Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult on the boat.  There is no minimum age to parasail.

Physical Restrictions
If you are Pregnant, have a heart condition, bad back or any other physical conditions that will be aggravated by potencial rough conditions on the sea or the parasailing flight. In the name of safety for you, other participants and our crew. The staff has the right to determine if an individual is fit to participate in parasailing activity. We want everybody to have the best experience possible.

Flight time
The whole activity can take up to 1 hour if you are a on a full boat trip. Parasail flight time is approximately 8-10 minutes. Observers: Are only taken if there are open seats for that trip. They are taken on a first come first serve basis for a fee of 20euros per person.


Refund Policies

Parasailing is a weather sensitive activity. If weather doesn’t allow for the trip to go ahead and you can’t reschedule. The tickets are 100% refundable. Weather related cancellations are determined by the management.

We require a 24 hour notice of cancellation for a full refund. You can make this request via phone or email.

It can take anywhere from 5-7 business days for your money to be credited back to you, from the day we initiate the refund.


Special Needs

The beauty of parasailing is given the right conditions, it is an activity that most everybody can experience. There is no steering, no driving. You are just along for the ride. That being said if you have a disability or know somebody that does and are wanting to know if you or they can fly. Give us a call or send an email. We would love to show you an experience of lifetime.


Terms & Conditions
1. Things you need to know about Parasailing with AlgarveXcite

Electronic equipment is permitted on the boat and while your parasailing, at your own risk. Plan according with waterproof cases or something to protect your devices.

Plan on getting wet. We recommend swimwear or shorts and T-shirt.

The ‘Photo Package’. Our crew takes pride in capturing your parasail experience on camera. Some of the best photos are when you are just leaving the boat and ascending into the air, coming in for a dip in the water and landing back on the boat. We are on a moving boat with some difficult lighting conditions at certain times. However, we believe we take a big enough sample size of photos that you are going to end of with some memorable photos.

2. Things we will supply for your Parasailing Boat Trip

We supply a gopro for your flight upon request so you can capture the view from your parachute and record the whole experience. Both the photos and video are available for you to preview up on your return to the marina and then you have the option to purchase.


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