Single Parasail Flight

 Fun on your own

  • In our Single flight, you go up in the parachute on your own.
  • You get about 8-10 minutes of flight time and the whole duration on the water up to 1 hour depending on how many people that is on the boat with you. We can take up to 12 people on the boat at the same time with everyone taking turns to go up in the parachute (single, tandem & triple flight)


  • We have NO physical limitations to come Parasailing with us.  If you can sit up? You can go Parasailing.

Royal Splash

  • Summertime we dip in the water so if this is something you want to enjoy, please make sure to wear your swimwear. The dipping is controlled by the skipper and perfectly safe.To get dipped in the water is an option so no problems if you do not want to .

Take off and landings

  • Take off and landings are from the back deck of the Parasail boat.

Go pro package

  • Don’t forget to ask about our GO-Pro video package. The Go-Pro sits on a selfie stick in front of you and takes a video of you in the parachute with the epic views in the background. You leave the boat afterward come to the office to view.

Observers onboard

  • If you have a friend or family member with you that would like to accompany you on board the boat we charge €25 for observers so just inquire. Observers are allowed onboard the boat on a first come first serve basis if there is space available at the time of your flight.

What to wear

  • Bear in mind that it is always cooler on the water vs being on land so make sure to wear suitable clothing.

You won’t believe how peaceful and quiet it is over Atlantic ocean. Just sit back relax and enjoy the amazing scenery. We regularly have dolphins, Orca’s and other marine mammals visiting Vilamoura so keep your eyes out. You might see different current lines in the water and sailboats pass underneath you.


€45 Flyers

€25 Spectators

€200 + €45 Per Flyer Private Boat

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✔️ Guaranteed Great Fun + Service!

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Actividades Maritimo-Turisticas, Lda. Rnaat No. 18/2020

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